Snapchat: My Sexism Awareness Project: Part 1

My snapchat account has 6-8k views a day. Most of my followers are kind and supportive but every day I receive harassment too. I screen shot some of these messages to expose the bad behaviour. It's my experience that most men are not aware of to what extent all women (yes, all women) experience harassment in their daily lives. Sometimes the abusive messages are an opportunity to joke around but other times the insults are serious and make me upset and angry.

Recent studies in personality psychology shows that Internet trolls have higher scores on both sadism, psychopathy and Machiavelliasm. Unlike most people, Internet trolls enjoy and get a kick out of hurting you. About 6 % of people in the studies have self-identified as online trolls. A scary high percentage but 'everyday sadism' is quite common - let's take the videogame GTA as an example where you can choose to kill a sex worker. That also means that these people might not act out this behaviour in their real lives but enjoy the anonymity of the Internet. The studies concluded that the trolls feed on your response so you might be better off ignoring them and they will most likely diminish the abuse.

In the dias show you will see some of the messages I've received during the last month.

Enjoy and feel free to add me on snapchat: annaopsal

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