Behind the scenes: Part 1

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a photoshoot? Modelling seems easy but getting that one perfect shot takes hard work. Have a look at the timelapse below to see an expose of what shoots really look like and how the final result is portrayed.

Your pose should look elegant and natural but even though it looks like that, it's often highly uncomfortable positions to be in. The photo above is actually my favorite shot to date - holding this pose was not straightforward, notice how arched my feet are, all of my weight is perched precariously on my tiptoes - ballerinas I have huge respect for you! In the video you can see I had to get up and shake my legs all the time. Remember that even in these painful poses you have to make your face look calm and relaxed.

What looks good in photos does not necessarily look good in real life - and the other way around. I often find myself in super weird positions on set and thinking to myself: How on earth is this going to look good? But strangely enough it often does. Sitting naked all cramped up on a wooden box can look good.

People often ask me how I can be so confident naked. Honestly you get used to it. On a nude art photoshoot you will be naked all day and after some time you won't even bother covering up between poses. Some women find it empowering booking a boudoir shoot. It helps them feel sexy. It can be a great boost for your confidence but it takes the right photographer too. Of course he or she has to be talented art wise but they also need to make you feel safe, relaxed and beautiful. You should never do anything you're not comfortable with.

Thomas Holm is one of the most talented nude art photographers in the world and I feel privileged to have the honour to work with him. His book The Graces is of beautiful bodies. Every page is a piece of art. Get it here:

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