Modelling from a feminist perspective

I find it a bit provoking that I always must defend my values and reliability as a feminist because of my job. Most, if not all, social structures are infused by the patriarchy but I’m sure women in other industries do not have to defend themselves in the same way as I do. Also, I’m not my job, not just a model, a psychologist or student. I’m so much more. But here we go; How can I model and still be a feminist? Modeling gives me opportunities and for that I am so grateful. I make a decent living and get to travel the world. It’s not all glamorous, long hours, cold sets, outdoor shoots in the rain are not always fun but I sure find it more appealing than working long hours with no passion.

Lets talk about LIPS!

As usual it's highly important for me to be perfectly honest about the procedures I'm having done. My beauty is not all natural and that's okay. I just don't want anyone, especially young girls, to mirror themselves in something they believe to be natural. The picture above is the natural me, apart from my breasts. As you can see, my lips are slimmer than they are now. In early 2016 I decided to get my lips done, I wanted them to be a bit fuller. I did my research and found Cosmecare, a clinic in Copenhagen owned by nurse Shide Maryam Nezam. I booked my procedure and was told that I had to have a consultation with a doctor 48 hours before. The doctor told me about the biology behind the proc

I'm not your MILF

One of the most surprising things I’ve learned during my pregnancy -apart from the initial two blue lines on the test! - have been to experience that a lot of men are still coming on to me. I naively thought that my pregnancy could be a free time from sexual remarks from men I don’t know. No John, twice my age and 5000 miles away, I do not need you to tell me I'm sexy. That didn’t exactly go as I had hoped for. Men apparently have no problem asking me intimate, personal questions about my pregnancy. Offensive too, when it come from a stranger. Questions like “I heard all pregnant women are hornier. Are you?”, “How much have your boobs grown?” and “Does your vagina change too during pregnancy

Behind the scenes: Part 1

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a photoshoot? Modelling seems easy but getting that one perfect shot takes hard work. Have a look at the timelapse below to see an expose of what shoots really look like and how the final result is portrayed. Your pose should look elegant and natural but even though it looks like that, it's often highly uncomfortable positions to be in. The photo above is actually my favorite shot to date - holding this pose was not straightforward, notice how arched my feet are, all of my weight is perched precariously on my tiptoes - ballerinas I have huge respect for you! In the video you can see I had to get up and shake my legs all the time. Remem

Snapchat: My Sexism Awareness Project: Part 1

My snapchat account has 6-8k views a day. Most of my followers are kind and supportive but every day I receive harassment too. I screen shot some of these messages to expose the bad behaviour. It's my experience that most men are not aware of to what extent all women (yes, all women) experience harassment in their daily lives. Sometimes the abusive messages are an opportunity to joke around but other times the insults are serious and make me upset and angry. Recent studies in personality psychology shows that Internet trolls have higher scores on both sadism, psychopathy and Machiavelliasm. Unlike most people, Internet trolls enjoy and get a kick out of hurting you. About 6 % of people in t

Love bombing

Have you ever met a person that showered you with compliments and did everything right, right from the start? Giving you more attention than you ever thought you deserved and promising your every hope and dream? That’s an early red flag that you are dealing with a person with high scores on the Dark Triad: Psychopathy, Machiavellianism and Narcissism. In this blog post I’ll only use the term psychopathy for simplicity and the pronoun he as most psychopaths are male. In the beginning of the relationship psychopaths will spend hours each day manipulating you into believing that he is your knight in shining armour and can singlehandedly take all your problems away. After a few weeks come declar

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