Why I embrace anger

My boyfriend is one of the kindest people I know. He doesn't agree with expressing anger to others, he prefers to help them understand why and how. I do agree with his message. Most of the time I express my knowledge with kindness. I use my public voice to speak up against injustice of oppressed groups. I strongly believe in using my profession as a sex therapist and student of psychology to help people deal with trauma and oppression causes. This is the kindness he refers to. Unfortunately, kindness alone does not give oppressed groups equal rights. Sometimes you need to move forward and act, for Stonewall this was Transgender women of colour throwing bricks at police. Whilst I do not agre

My nose job

I believe that you have a responsibility as a model to speak up about photoshopped images. That they even change the bodies of models in photoshop to make an ‘impossible to reach’ ideal. I’d also like role models to speak up about what kinds of plastic surgery and beauty treatments they get so especially teenage girls won’t compare themselves to something they perceive as being au natural. Many people are not comfortable about talking about the procedures they get done and that’s okay but overall I think it’s a necessity. Although you do risk being judged on it. I’ve felt bad about my nose since the age of 8 or 9 and even though I had almost come to peace with it at 24, I still chose to fix

Mit interview i M!

Fik du ikke læst mit interview i M!, hvor jeg var månedens crush i April, så kan du stadig nå det - lige her! Den originale artikel ligger på http://mmm.dk/damer/anna-er-maanedens-crush-jeg-er-ikke-bange-for-at-eksperimentere Navn: Anna Opsal Alder: 24 Bopæl: København, Havneholmen Arbejde: Model og studerer stud.psyk Højde: 1,72 Civiltilstand: I et forhold Særlige kendetegn: Store blå øjne Instagram: annaopsalofficial Snapchat: @annaopsal Hej Anna. Du er blevet valgt som Månedens Crush i april på mmm.dk. Tillykke! Hvordan har du det med det? Tak! Det er jeg helt vildt glad for. Jeg kan huske M! helt tilbage, til da jeg var ung teenager. Så det er spændende selv at være med nu. Mikkel, vores

10 tips on how to prepare for a maternity shoot

Pregnancy is a unique experience and many women choose to save this memory by hiring a professional photographer for a maternity shoot. As a professional model, it’s difficult enough to learn how to pose with a new body so as a non-model it can feel both confusing and threatening. Therefore, I’ve put together some tips so make your pregnancy shoot as calm as possible. Make sure you choose a proper photographer. There are many amateurs out there and many of them are not capable of making good enough photos. Check out their work and reviews. Sign a contract. Agree on the style that you’re after. Look for inspiration online. Do you want to be fully clothed or is lingerie or maybe even nude art

Three months left of pregnancy

This week I’m beginning my third trimester which means that there are only three months left until I can hold my precious baby boy. Even though the pregnancy wasn’t planned, he was always wanted by me. My boyfriend panicked in the beginning and had to adjust. But now we are both excited. I got pregnant on the same day that I left England for good so I guess that the universe didn’t want my boyfriend and I to split. It has been tough going through pregnancy alone though but my mum has been a great support. I get to see my boyfriend 1-2 a month and hopefully he will move to Denmark at some point. In my opinion it’s better to raise a child in Denmark than in England. Under all circumstances I m

Cutting my hair

After a year of considering it I’ve decided to cut off my long hair. It’s such an integrated part of patriarchal culture that women have long hair and that long hair is the prettiest. Long hair IS beautiful. But so is short hair. And I finally feel free enough to not care about what other people think about my hair. I’m so happy about my decision and honestly I should’ve done it a long time ago. Usually I don’t compare myself to other models but I’ve heard that I look a bit like Rosie Huntington so I thought that if she can cut he her, so can I! I had my hair done by my friend Sean who works at Headmaster in Soho in London. He cut if shoulder length and did some layers underneath because my

How I started modelling

I’ve received many questions regarding how I began my modelling career. And the answer to that isn’t all fun. As many other young girls, I was contacted by a couple of amateur photographers on Facebook. I was only 16 but I said yes to take a few photos with them. Today I know that the photos that were taken are inappropriate for any girls under the age of 18 and I’ve later had to put in a lot of work to get them removed from the Internet. I haven’t succeeded in removing all of them. A few years back one of the photographers chose to publish the photos again – photos of me in my underwear in provocative poses – on his website Models of Heaven without my permission. He refuses to take the phot

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